28 / 2008
Jernej Mlekuž

Čapac.si, or on burekalism and its bites. An analysis of selected images of immigrants and their descendants in Slovenian media and popular culture

The purpose of the paper is to present and analyse certain tendencies in Slovenian media and popular culture which discourage immigrants and their descendants from integrating into Slovenian society. Owing to the scope of the research topic (the size and complexity of media and popular culture), the research is “problem-oriented”; the research spotlights are focused only on certain places in media and popular culture which have proved to be problematic, worthy of consideration and critical analysis. It is therefore research that focuses on the problematic nature of certain processes, regimes of representing immigrants and their descendants, which can be critically analysed using a Slovenian orientalist discourse – burekalism.
KEY WORDS: burekalism, orientalism, media, popular culture, immigrants (and their descendants)