29 / 2009
Mirjam Milharčič-Hladnik

Oral history of Luisa Passerini and the researching of migration in the context of subjectivity

As the first selected works of a historian and theoretician Luisa Passerini has been just published in Slovenian language, the text intends to outline her theoretical and methodological argumentation of two concepts: subjectivity and intersubjectivity. It shows the applicability of the oral history and the auto/biographical material in the context of migration studies. While using the methods of oral history and using the auto/biographical material, the text shows why a researcher needs to understand the concepts of subjectivity and intersubjectivity. Some examples of recent migration case studies that include the subjective experiences of Slovenian emigrants and immigrants in Slovenia are also given.
KEY WORDS: oral history, life narratives, migrations, subjectivity, intersubjectivity.