29 / 2009
Jernej Mlekuž

Cosmic sausaging. On the e-consumption of Carniolan space sausage

Sunita Williams, American astronaut of “Slovene-Indian extraction”, flew into space on 10 December 2006. Her cosmic luggage included (Carniolan) sausages. This cosmic story about cosmic sausages was published in numerous Slovene media, in every possible form. But what happens to a cosmic sausage when it leaves the world of professional media, when it is begun to be consumed by internet users (in language)? Nothing; in fact, it remains the subject of sausaging, cosmic sausaging, meta-cosmic sausaging. And it is precisely cosmic sausaging – actually e-discourse about cosmic sausages – that is the subject of this analysis. (Translator’s note: the Slovene language has a verb (klobasati) formed from the root “sausage” (klobasa) which means “to ramble” (verbally), i.e. “to rabbit on”.)
KEY WORDS: cosmic sausaging, linguistics (of speech), speech, statement, internet