31 / 2010
Sarah Lunaček

Travelling Meanings of the Tuareg Veil in Different Social Contexts

The article considers the changing meanings of the Tuareg veil, or taglmust, that have appeared due to the political marginalisation of the Tuareg, changes in relations between the social categories of Tuareg society, settlement in urban environment and tourism. The author confirms that the taglmust represents a symbol of Tuaregness to the outside world as well as for the Tuareg themselves. In everyday uses its regulating function of relations between affines is becoming smaller, while its function as a symbol of ethnic identity and its related aesthetic function are obtaining primary importance. Like the clothing in general, the taglmust also has a dynamic function of communicating identity in different contexts.
KEY WORDS: Tuareg, veil, identity, social change