33 / 2011
Breda Mulec

Brain Talent Circulation: A New Aim for Countries Connecting with Diasporas

The author tries to explain the phenomena of brain drain, brain gain and brain circulation. Since many countries are confronted with brain circulation, it has become a new aim of national strategies in connecting countries with diasporas. To explain the reasons for these migrations, the author used foreign studies, existent statistic information and the extensive public debate, which started in Slovenia. On this basis, she tries to answer the question whether Slovenia is facing brain drain or not, and states the most recent measures taken in the country. The author also mentions some examples of good practices and initiatives of international organizations considering brain circulation and then analyses networks, which are used for communicating with scientifi c diasporas. A part of these networks is also online communication with the help of new online communication technologies.
KEY WORDS: migration, brain drain, scientifi c diaspora, brain talent circulation