52 / 2020
Sofia Morales, Julija Söhnholz

Taking Part and Being There: A Small Insight into the Spatial Participation of Young Adult Immigrants in Oldenburg’s Public Spaces

Examining the role of urban spatiality for the integration of young immigrants is an emerging research field with the potential to provide important foundations for the implementation of integration policies and urban design. Current research in Germany on this subject focuses on large cities; this study adds insight instead into the context of a mid-sized city. The study asks: How do young adult immigrants participate in public spaces in Oldenburg? Results from five interviews show that the city center is connected to consumer purposes and social encounters in semi-public spaces. Study participants rarely use the public spaces in the city; instead, they favor the public green spaces on the outskirts.
KEYWORDS: participation, public space, young immigrants, mid-sized city, green spaces