26 / 2007
Urška Strle

The attitude of Slovenian emigrants in Canada towards homeland after the second World War


Based on archival sources and a synthesis of existing literature available in Slovenia, the article presents a survey of the attitudes of Canadian Slovenians towards their native land, which were conditioned by the motives and reasons for emigration as well as by their experience of life in Canada. In addition to collective experiences, it is also focused on personal perspectives which are placed into the context of a contemporary political and social outline of both countries. Moreover, it contains several considerations that should be taken into account when researching emigration and emigrants. The article exposes a great shortage of scientific literature about Slovenian emigration to Canada and thus shows numerous grey areas that should be studied within the whole history of Slovenians and nevertheless also in the context of the history of Canada.

KEY WORDS: Slovenian emigrants, refugees, repatriates, Canada, Canadian Slovenians, homeland, 20th Century

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