26 / 2007
Ahac Maden

Web pages of Slovenians across the world


This article is an abridged version of the BA thesis entitled “Popular Culture and the Global Slovenian Community on the Web”, which was written following a research surrounding the problematic of Slovenians emigrants and the identity of young Slovenians that represent second, third or other generation offspring. The main question surrounding this population is the extent to which they can still be perceived as the representatives and carriers of Slovenian culture. As they are the ones who are increasingly using the World Wide Web, particularly in conjunction with popular culture, they cannot therefore be neglected when talking about Slovenian culture and the common Slovenian cultural space at the present time. Through a rethinking and examining of this problematic, further questions have arisen. This article is therefore drafted as an overview and evaluation of the current web production of Slovenians around the world and gives suggestions as to its resolving, but not as a final solution of this complex and extremely relevant problem.

KEY WORDS: Slovenian communities, Slovenian identity, popular culture, World Wide Web

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