11-12 / 2000
Milena Bevc, Valentina Prevolnik-Rupel

External migration of the population of Slovenia and the extent of immigrants/foreigners in Slovenia - the Nineties

The article, which is based on a research project titled »Migration in Slovenia within the context of EU accession«, starts with some basic methodological explanation and continues with the presentation of the »stock« of Slovene emigrants abroad and of immigrants/foreigners in Slovenia, and finally, of external migration flows for the last two decades. At the end some main conclusions are presented. The core of the article is the presentation of external migration flows (legal and illegal). Statistically registered legal flows include- for the period till the mid 1990s - the flows of citizens of Slovenia, and after that also the flows of foreigners. Migration of citizens presents only a small part of total statistically registered flows. Regardless of the coverage of legal external flows net migration was positive during the last two decades. Illegal immigration is much higher than legal; during the second half of the 1990s it was 60% higher than the latter.