48 / 2018
Klara Kožar Rosulnik

Biographical Learning and Identity (Re)construction: The Migration Experiences of Neža Gerkšič, aka Agnes Lacroix

The article interprets the migration experiences of Neža Gerkšič using the theory of biographical learning. It sees biographical learning as a process that occurs in everyday life and results in the (re)construction of identity, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. The analysis of the autobiographical story shows how a female migrant used various strategies (adaptation, personal growth, development of an alternative lifestyle, influencing local social rules, innovative learning) to form her knowledge and (re)construct her identity. The article closes by presenting learning strategies that represent a tool that can help in the analysis and interpretation of learning that happens during migration experiences.
KEY WORDS: biographical learning, female migration, identity, autobiographical method, phenomenological research

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