47 / 2018
Aleksej Kalc

Emigration from Venetian Slovenia to North America at the Beginning of the 20th Century on the Basis of Passenger Lists

The paper discusses emigration from Venetian Slovenia to the USA in the early de­cades of the 20th century on the basis of passenger lists compiled by the US immigration authorities. It illustrates the dynamic and structural characteristics of the movements and the typological change from seasonal continental to transatlantic labour migration. The overseas migration was also intended to be temporary and was part of the conservative socio-economic strategies of the rural communities. However, in many cases it led to the permanent settling of the emigrants in the USA. This marked the beginning of permanent emigration from Venetian Slovenia and introduced the process of depopulation of the region. The logistical aspects and the role of social networks in the migration and settlement process are discussed as well.
KEY WORDS: Venetian Slovenia, Friuli, emigration, America, passenger lists

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