47 / 2018
Mohammad Morad, Jure Gombač

“Probashi” in Italy. New Destinations: Trends, Origins and Profiles of Bangladeshi Migrants in Padova and Cadoneghe

Most of the studies on Bangladeshi migration to Italy have been conducted in cities and towns that already have a relatively long tradition of hosting Bangladeshi communities, such as Rome, Vicenza and Venice. This article focuses on two recent local contexts of Bangladeshi migration to Italy: Padova and Cadoneghe in the Veneto region. The study attempts to answer the following research questions: What are the trends, channels and motivations behind Bangladeshi migration to Padova and Cadoneghe, from which Bangladeshi regions do the migrants originate and what are their cultural, socio-demographic and economic profiles? KEY WORDS: Bangladeshi migrants, migration trends, motivations for migration, migrant profiles, migration to Italy