47 / 2018
Julia Candellero, Soledad Ayelén Horst, Leandro Rossano Sukich

Slovene Immigration to Argentina from a Communications Perspective: The Slovene Mutual Association of Córdoba

This article presents Slovene immigration to Córdoba, Argentina in the twentieth century, its phases and the institutions created under a mutualistic paradigm. However, the main objective of the article consists of introducing a case study which emerged from the problematization of the relation between the organizational culture and internal communication within the Slovene Mutual Association of Córdoba. This institution, established in 1940, was a late expression of ethnic mutualism and it has been maintained over the time with the primary objective of preserving Slovene identity. This relation among the subsystems has created a strong but conservative and dysfunctional organizational culture. KEY WORDS: Slovene immigration, Argentina, ethnic mutualism, organizational culture, internal communication