9 / 1998
Bogdan C. Novak

Louis Adamic’s work for the official recognition of Tito and the national liberation movement of Yugoslavia by the United States government

The paper discusses Louis Adamic’s work for the international recognition of Tito and the national liberation movement, which can be divided into three periods. During the first period (from April 1941 until the end of August 1942) he was gathering all the available information on the actual situation in Slovenia and Yugoslavia. During the second one (September 1942 - July 1943) he tried to achieve that the Partisans would get the same recognition by the US as the Chetniks. To support these efforts, he organized the Slovene-American National Council and the United Committee of South Slavic Americans, and published its Bulletin. During the third period, from July 1943 until the end of March 1944, when he had a nervous breakdown, Adamic worked for the recognition of Tito’s Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council as the new Yugoslav government, and published his book My Native Land. In a conclusion, the author defines the extent of Adamic’s contribution to the recognition of Tito by the allies.