42 / 2015
Janja Žitnik Serafin

Reciprocity or Symmetry? A Comparison of Cultural Interests and Possibilities of Two Minorities


The paper summarises a comparison of the cultural interests and possibilities of the Slovene national minority in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one the largest ethnic minorities in Slovenia, the Bosniaks. The article is a result of empirical research which included a survey of Slovene cultural societies in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, interviews with teachers of Slovene language and culture in these countries, and interviews with the secretary of the Bosniak Association of Slovenia and the president of the Association of Slovenian Societies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The author combines a qualitative assessment and interpretation of the fieldwork results with a statistical comparison of certain demographic aspects and the degree of self-organisation of the minorities in question.

KEY WORDS: Slovenes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosniaks in Slovenia, minority status, cultural activities, collective rights

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