7 / 1996
Janja Žitnik Serafin


You have before you the latest issue of the journal of the Institute for Slovene Emigration Research and its regular and occasional contributors from Slovenia and abroad. As with the first (1990) and fifth issues (1994), this year’s issue does not include complete or at least partial publications of papers from the last annual meeting in the field of Slovene emigration, which had become the common practice. The collection of papers presented at the international symposium entitled Soočenje mita in realnosti ob prihodu izseljencev v novo okolje (The Confrontation between Myth and Reality on the Arrival of the Emigrants to a New Land), which was organized last year by the Institute for Slovene Emigration Research in Portorož, was published separately owing to the large number of articles. The response to the journal mainly in the countries of origin of the participants of the symposium was certainly evidence enough of the rightness of such a decision. All articles published in this issue of Two Homelands were prepared especially for this journal, with only three exceptions. Two of these have never been published before, while a large part of the third was published in the latest issue of the magazine Meddobje, but in Slovene; we publish it here in English and in a revised form for the sake of its comparative applicability. This year’s issue com prises twenty-six articles in three regular columns, that is, fourteen papers (in four disciplines: history, demography, social anthropology and history of literature), five reports on events of interest linked to research on the issue of emigration , and seven book reviews or reports.

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