6 / 1995
Milan Bufon

Regional Mobility of Population Transfer as a Factor of Cross-Border Linkages

The article summarises the main results of regional mobility; that is, the border-crossing migratory movement of the population in border communities as evidenced by the broader research carried out on cross-border linkages in the region of Gorizia. Via a poll of the population in the municipality of Nova Gorica and the Gorizia region, the regional origins of the population and their immediate relatives was established; as well, the intensity and direction of the emigration currents in the region were shown. From the results one realises, that the decrease in traditional emigration "over the pond", for which this region was renowned particularly in the past, has manifest itself in an increase in small-scale inter-regional and cross-border migration, which has consolidated the network of interpersonal ties on both sides of the border and contributed to the integration of the Gorizia region border-communities on both sides.