5 / 1994
Aleksej Kalc

The Guidelines for the Study of Emigration of the Slovenes living in Italy and Emigration of the Slovenes from the Regions in the Works of Italian Authors

The author presents methods and guidelines for treating the migration issues in the ethnically mixed area of the Slovene and Italian population in northwest Italy. He points out the exclusive concentration of Slovene authors on currently “acute” emigration issues and an approach to the emigration of the Slovenes from these regions mainly from the perspective of negative demographic consequences and other such influences on minority groups. Furthermore, the author points to a recent change in the approach and to an increasing interest in the life of emigrants in the destination countries. In this regard the author draws attention to the influence of emigrants’ experiences originating in their status of national minority on their life in a new environment. In the second part of the study the author discusses the works and approaches of Italian authors, concluding that their attention was mainly limited to the migration processes in Beneška Slovenija.

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