4 / 1993
Marjan Drnovšek

Plans and Results of Research on Slovene Emigration until 1941 – With Special Emphasis on Emigration to America before the First World War

The author outlines his thoughts on the plans and results of research on the emigration of Slovenes to America up until the First World War. He presents an overview of contemporary published are rare professional analyses on emigration until 1914, and includes journalistic an increasingly scientific analyses from the period 1919 to 1941, referring to the mass emigration of Slovenes. The author establishes the diversity and share number of such publications and invites for the collection of historical material (archival, newspaper, statistical and other). At the same time, he arrives at the conclusion that although the plans were great (for example the founding of emigration archives in Ljubljana, the publication of a scientific monograph on American Slovenes etc.), only a few were realised.

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