4 / 1993
Marjan Drnovšek


This is the fourth issue of the publication Dve domovini / Two Homelands (the first was published in 1990, the second, a double issue, in 1992), which is still not a journal in the true sense of the word as - despite having legally settled status (1992) - the financer still refuses to recognize the publication’s nature as that of a periodical, scientific journal. This is also the cause for the late publication of the 1993 issue. Despite the initial difficulties, we still have not lost hope of stabilizing the financing and, thus, of regular publication of the sole Slovene scientific journal on the issues of Slovene emigration and emigration in general, a periodical uniting writers from various scientific disciplines, both from home as well as abroad. This publication places emphasis on contributions from a scientific conference on the theme of »Achievements and Plans in the Research of Slovene Emigration in Scientific Disciplines« held on May 26, 1992, at the Institute for Slovene Emigration Studies of the Center for Scientific Research of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana. Participants included experts from Croatia and Italy, and at the meeting an assessment of work carried out to date was made and ideas on future work sketched out. The conferences were conceived as annual working meetings having increasingly narrow topics and an ever wider circle of participants (including colleagues from abroad).

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