1 / 1990
Peter Klinar

Some Ideas on the Cooperation between Slovenes and their Descendants in the Homeland and those Abroad

The paper draws from theoretical sociological premises on research in international migrations and from a theoretical outline of a common Slovene cultural space based on cooperation among various categories of Slovenes - those in the homeland and neighbouring countries, as well as Slovene emigrants and their descendants. The idea of a common Slovene cultural space and the awareness of Slovene emigrant communities worldwide have been studied on the basis of empirical results from polling done in Slovenia: Slovene Public Opinion 1987 and 1988 and Slovene Public Opinion 1988 - Opinion Setters. The central part of the article is an analysis of empirical data on the aspects of cooperation between Slovenes in their homeland society and those abroad, with the accent given to the manner in which Slovenia cooperates with Slovene communities worldwide.

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