1 / 1990
Mirko Jurak

Ivan Dolenc and John Križane: Two Canadian Authors of Slovene Origin

In the novel Za dolar človečnosti (For a Dollar of Humanity, 1983) written by Ivan Dolenc, a biographical account of a typical struggle of a (Slovene) immigrant for survival and success in his new country, Canada, is presented. The life of Slovene and Yugoslav immigrants is stretched between hope and despair. Dolenc's novel is written in a straightforward type of narrative, with a number of digressions including some short stories in the second half of the novel. The author stresses that the migrant must be included in a new environment also spiritually, if he wishes his desires for freedom, honest way of life and personal integrity to be fulfilled. John Krizanec, a son of a Slovene immigrant, was born in Canada. He has already written some successful plays, among them Tamara (1981) and Prague (1983). In the latter he presents the life and activity of a theatrical group which endeavours to perform in Prague a work defending political freedom. However, political controllers prevent them from doing this, at least for the time being. Krizanc's heroes struggle to achieve the same aims as the protagonist of Dolenc's novel.