1 / 1990
Barbara Suša

Bronasti tolkač and V kljunu golobice by Bert Pribac

Bert Pribac definitely belongs among the major Slovene poets in Australia. In a way, his creations also merge with literary stream s in the homeland. Pribac’s beginnings as a poet can be linked to the elated, post-war reconstruction period of Slovene poetry. Also associated with it are the first shoots of optimistic intimism and, later, its destruction. After his departure abroad, Pribac’s poetry, with his homesick Istrian nostalgia, acquires typical traits of an emigrant poetry, but, on the other side, its treatment of human loneliness and smallness and the inhumanity of today’s civilization merge it with contemporary Slovene and broader stream s in poetry During his s ta y in Australia, Pribac also began to write in English and asserted himself in his new homeland with the publications in multicultural and Australian literary magazines.