1 / 1990
Marjan Drnovšek

The Activity of Tomo Brejc among Slovene Emigrants in France during the Years 1936-39

This treatise deals with the Communist Party activities of Tomo Brejc among Slovene emigrants in France during the years 1936-39. The wave of Slovene economic emigrants after World War I peeked just before the great economic crisis at the beginning of the Thirties. A majority of the Slovene miners who entered the French Communist Party and the communist syndicate C.G.T.U. had socialist and communist principles, and during the People's front movement, they actively intervened in public life. Tomo Brejc was active among the emigrants as a Party instructor and editor of their gazette, Glas izseljencev (spring 1936-39). The politically lively pre-war years had their influence on this group of Slovene emigrants to France as well. Thus, it is not surprising that many collaborated in the French resistance during World War II.