1 / 1990
Majda Kodrič

Immigration Research in the U.S.A.: Some Approaches to the Problems of the Second Generation

This paper comprises a survey of some fundamental publications by American immigrations researchers on the problem of “the second generation”. Included particularly are works on the position of the second generation in the Italian and Slavic ethnic communities. The rudimentary treatments of this theme among Slovene emigrants to USA are also considered. For practical reasons the time range of the surveyed American publications is somewhat limited. They reach only to the first half of the 1980s expect for some witch only a few paragraphs deal with this problem. The considered works investigate the problems of the second generation within various disciplines, such as psychology, pedagogics, historiography, social linguistic and ethnology. On the same issue of the position of the second generation within the Slovene National Benefit Society, some newspaper source was used.

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