46 / 2017
Mateja Krofl

Islam, Transnational Dress and Identity: Migration of Images, Transformation of Meanings

Contemporary Islamic dress as well as cultural identity of Islamic women in urban environment are today widely influenced and re-defined by migrations and globalization. Diverse contemporary clothing styles of Muslim women today must be understood in the context of rise of neoliberal economics in Muslim countries and the resurgence of Muslim identities worldwide. The purpose of this article is to present the transnational meaning of the veil (a form of headgear or body covering) and offer an insight into the new Muslim dressing practices which are symbolically as well as materially shaped by both ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ cultures. A thorough analysis also shows that in general, for the majority of Muslim women, the wearing of the veil today is perceived as an important expression of belonging and affirmation of the cultural identity. As a multi-layered concept, deeply integrated into political, social, personal and, nevertheless, visual interpretations, this new transnational Muslim fashion is thus opening up new perspectives in the perception of the identity of ‘modern’ Muslim women and thus revealing an important testimony to the cultural significance of migrations.
KEY WORDS: Islam, transnational dress, identity, migrations, globalization

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