45 / 2017
Darja Zaviršek

“Stultifera Navis” on the Balkan Refugees Route

Collection centres and hot spots, asylum and detention centres for refugees are forms of institutiona­lisation and spatial segregation of people. The well-known processes of the “big confinement”, bio­politics and the creation of “populations” are today pervaded with the ideologies of eurocentrism, culturalisation and cultural racism produced by the media. Compared with the processes of spatial segregation of the disabled in the past, one can conclude that while the deinstitutionalisation was achieved in the west and is in some countries on its way (in Slovenia for example), the institutionali­sation of migrants and refugees takes place across Europe. Instead of the construction of the refugees as the national threat, health risk and the cultural Other, the measures of deinstitutionalisation and depathologisation of the refugees’ lives are needed.
KEY WORDS: refugees, eurocentrism, biopolitics, “Balkan refugee route”, deinstitutionalisation

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