44 / 2016
Ansar Uddin Anas

Book Review - Bimal Ghosh, The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Migration: Issues and Prospects, What Will Migration Look Like in 2045? Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Migration: Issues and Prospects. What will Migration Look Like in 2045?, written by Professor Bimal Ghosh, is the latest follow-up to his previous book The Global Economic Crisis and Migration (Ghosh 2011) in the light of the last global financial crisis and the political changes in the Arab World.  This is a landmark work and a most insightful book, revealing the wide-ranging effects of the global economic crisis of 2008-9, political changes like the Arab Spring and the current rebalancing of the world economy on global migration. Following a critical discussion of the recession-led changes in migration patterns, practices and policies, the book details the impact of South-South and South-North migration on the changing landscape and makes a pragmatic prediction of what global migration might look like in 2045. Ghosh is an Emeritus Professor at the Graduate School of Public Administration in Bogota, Colombia. As a former director and senior consultant of the United Nations, the International Organization for Migration and other global initiatives, he has a deep understanding of the governance, policies and challenges of global migration.

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