44 / 2016
Zala Pavšič

The Relationship between Foreign Country and Homeland on Maruša Krese's Map

The paper presents Maruša Krese's (1947–2013) ruminations on the relationship between the foreign country and the homeland. The Slovenian writer and journalist spent the years during which Slovenia attained independence in Berlin. In addition to providing an analysis of her poetry, which reveals Krese's call to transcend notions of nationality, identity and related concepts, the article covers the reflections on Slovenian independence which Krese offered in a correspondence with three like-minded colleagues. The correspondence bears the title Briefe von Frauen über Krieg und Nationalismus and has hitherto been undiscussed. Finally, the paper addresses the critical response to this work and places Krese within the theoretical framework of emigrant literature.

KEYWORDS: Maruša Krese, Briefe von Frauen über Krieg und Nationalismus, Abschied von Slowenien, identity, homeland

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