44 / 2016
Aleksej Kalc

Control over Migrants and Migration Movements in Imperial Austria from the 18th century to WWI

The article deals with migration control in Imperial Austria from the times of Maria Theresa up to the end of WWI. It examines the transition from the absolutistic migration regime to the deregulation and the liberalisation of migration in the second half of the 19th century, the restrictions on freedom of movement and the treatment of enemy aliens during the war, and the post-war implementation of the state regulation of migration. Special emphasis is placed on the control and limitations of freedom of emigration in the laissez-faire period from the 1860s to WWI. The need for a differentiated approach to the topic is also addressed because of regional and local differences in implementing the migration legislation.

KEY WORDS: migration control, migration regime, migration policy, WWI, Imperial Austria

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