34 / 2011
Andreja Vezovnik

The Crisis of the Notion of Political Representation: The Case of Non-Citizens


The paper questions the classical notion of political representation, and places the notion of political representation in the context of contemporary critical theory. In doing so, it considers the contributions of various theorists: Laclau, Agamben and Hardt & Negri, who each in their own way reflect the role and the crisis of representation in contemporary social contexts. The contribution is primarily interested in what role, if any, political representation plays in the process of emergence of singularities and subjectivization, and what role it plays in the process of identification. The notion of the political representation is explored in relation to the process of identification, of singularity and political subjectivization. This paper therefore explores the aforementioned three ontological conceptualizations in relation to the so-called crisis of political representation.

KEY WORDS: subjectivization, identification, political representation, hegemony, naming


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