43 / 2016
Zoran Kanduč, Aleš Bučar Ručman

Class War, Labour and Migration: The Case of Migrant Workers in Slovenia

The paper presents how neoliberalism, globalization and the post-modernization of production have worsened the structural position of workers. Capital’s counterattack against labour has succeeded in re-establishing a reserve army of workers. It has created submissive and obedient workers by using the fear of unemployment. Being exploited has become a privilege, because there is always a crowd of people waiting to take such jobs. Immigrant workers are in the worst situation. The authors present an analysis of the situation of this group of workers in Slovenia. Their victimization has been (additionally) influenced by the state’s legislation and the passivity of control mechanisms. These modern slaves are not bound to work by chains, but by socio-economic hardship and structural violence.
KEY WORDS: labour, capitalism, migration, immigrant workers, Slovenia

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