43 / 2016
Mirjam Milharčič-Hladnik

Control of Control: Strategies of Resistance and Autonomy of Agency of Women Migrants in the Contemporary and Historical Perspective

The article presents how gender-specific control is structured on different levels: at the level of national imagination; at the level of the mechanisms of the preservation of the traditional division of gender roles; and at the level of public discourses and cultural presentations. However, the main aim of the article is to overcome the dominant understanding and treatment of women migrants as victims of control mechanisms and migration policy. It presents some parallels between past and contemporary ways of control of control that are actively performed by women migrants as the actors in individual migration processes. By choosing strategies of survival and improvement of ways of life in the migration context, their agency and inventiveness overcome, resist and exploit the control mechanisms of migration for their own benefit.
KEY WORDS: women migrants, control, victimization, agency, resistance strategies, intersectionality

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