41 / 2015
Aleš Bučar Ručman

Analysis of Migrations and Relations in Multicultural Society: A Case Study of the City Municipality of Velenje

The paper presents an analysis of migrations in the city municipality of Velenje and of the relations among immigrants, their offspring, and the local population. International immigration to Velenje had two peaks, the first one in the 1970s and 1980s and the second one in the period between 2005–2009. The immigrants came mostly from the area of the former SFRY. In the first period, male immigrants were shortly followed by women, but the immigrant population in the whole of the second period was predominantly male. Our field research revealed that people of different nationalities and ethnic origin established successful coexistence, good community relations in daily social interactions, and solidarity. People do form inter-ethnic friendships, but differences are observed with regard to intimate relationships. They still prefer partners from their own ethnic group. Intolerance is not widespread in the local community, though there exist some worrying examples of bullying and inappropriate attitude towards immigrant offspring in schools.
KEY WORDS: immigrants, migrations, Velenje, relations in multicultural society, intolerance

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