35 / 2012
Marina Lukšič-Hacin, Kristina Toplak

Ethnic Economy and Cultural Heritage in the Context of Multiculturalism


The basic dilemma of the paper is the effectiveness of the policy of multiculturalism in connection with another social science concept – ethnic economy – and their impact on the creation and preservation of various forms of cultural heritage among migrants in the context of the

(nation-)state. Is ethnic economy associated with processes of the (re)production of cultural heritage? What is the relationship of policies of multiculturalism with these processes of (re)production? Is the success and effectiveness of policies of multiculturalism with respect to the creation and preservation of the cultural heritage connected with the ethnic economy? The authors first define the basic categories: multiculturalism, ethnic economy and cultural heritage, and then observe them comparatively in various socio-political contexts. The paper also focuses on the differences between the (neo)liberal and the (neo)corporate state.
KEY WORDS: migration, ethnic economy, multiculturalism, cultural heritage

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