37 / 2013
Snežana Vujadinović, Dejan Šabić, Marko Joksimović, Rajko Golić, Ljiljana Živković, Dragica Gatarić

Asylum Seekers from Serbia and the Problems of Returnees: Why Serbia is among the World’s Leading Countries in Number of Asylum Seekers


The paper analyses the numerical trends of asylum seekers from Serbia in European countries, the reasons for their increase in certain years, and motives for seeking asylum, and attempts to answer two questions: why is Serbia among the world’s top countries of origin of asylum seekers and what are the consequences for asylum seekers and for Serbia in the event that their requests are rejected. Returnees to Serbia face numerous problems, since the lack of defined goals of migration policies in Serbia, economic difficulties, poverty and unemployment make the whole process of readmission and reintegration of the returnees to Serbia more difficult.

KEY WORDS: Serbia, asylum seekers, Europe, readmission, integration