41 / 2015
Mohammad Morad, Jure Gombač

Transmigrants, Transnational Linkages and Ways of Belonging: The Case of Bangladeshi Migrants in Italy

In this study we sought to understand the transnational linkages and “ways of belonging” of Bangladeshi migrants in Italy with their country of origin. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were applied. A total of 100 Bangladeshis were surveyed and 12 Bangladeshi migrants from the Province of Padova, Italy were subsequently interviewed. The findings of the study reveal that a high proportion of Bangladeshi migrants who participated in the study have strong transnational linkages with their homeland. They send remittances, maintain communication and visit their families, relatives, friends and others who live in their ancestral villages and towns in Bangladesh. The empirical findings also indicate strong transnational ways of belonging to their homeland. 
KEY WORDS: transmigrants, transnational ties, ways of belonging, Bangladeshi migrants, Italy.

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