39 / 2014
Petra Kavčič

The Golden Prague of Zofka Kveder

The article focuses on the previously insufficiently researched Prague period of the writer Zofka Kveder and her literary depiction of the great city of Prague. The topological analysis is motivated by studies examining the literary category of space and literary depiction of the city. The horizontal topological research is placed into a broader context which also tackles the research subject vis-à-vis the so-called Prague Text, while the focus remains on the Modernist literary period. The analysis of the image of a foreign city through the perspective of an immigrant Slovene writer includes the author’s fiction as well as non-fiction prose. Through the writer’s short prose, novel, and newspaper articles about the Czech capital emerges an image of the “Golden Prague” – the historic city with its distinctive skyline.
KEY WORDS: Zofka Kveder’s Prague period, image of Prague, literary space, the city in literature