39 / 2014
Veronika Bajt, Neža Kogovšek Šalamon

Statelessness in Slovenia

The official data show that the number of stateless persons (i.e. persons without nationality) in Sloveniais extremely low. The issue of statelessness is not sufficiently attended to in a research, conceptual, and practical sense. The low level of awareness of the problem of statelessness among state officials as well as the a priori presumption of nationality for persons from other republics of the former Yugoslavia are particularly problematic. This article presents the results of the first in-depth study on statelessness in Slovenia and concludes that due to the lack of data, further research is needed, in particular among the Roma population and the erased persons – groups that have been disproportionally exposed to statelessness.
KEY WORDS: statelessness, citizenship, migration, the erased, Slovenia