40 / 2014
Milena Bevc, Sonja Uršič

The Scale of International Migration, Migrants’ Education and the Influence of these Phenomena on the Size of the Slovene Population and its Educational Attainment

We analyze the scale of international migration, the migrants' education levels and the influence of these two phenomena on the size of the Slovene population and its educational attainment during the last two decades. The emphasis is on the period 1995–2013 and on the migration of Slovene citizens. International migration during the above mentioned period contributed to population growth, after 1999 entirely on account of migration of foreigners (for Slovene citizens net migration was negative). During the period 2008–2012 migration also had a positive influence on the number of inhabitants with tertiary education, again on account of migration of foreigners (positive net migration). For the migration of Slovene citizens during this and also longer period (2003–2012) this influence was negative – net migration for citizens with tertiary education was negative.
KEY WORDS: international migration, scale of migration, migrants' education, population growth, Slovenia