40 / 2014
Marijanca Ajša Vižintin

The Intercultural Education Model: For more Successful Inclusion of Immigrant Children

The lower performance of immigrant children and the recognition of inequity in the school system are two of the reasons for the development of different support systems for the inclusion of immigrant children. For more successful and effective intercultural education that contributes to the inclusion of immigrant children and intercultural dialogue in Slovenia, it is necessary to do the following: 1. understand interculturality as a basic pedagogical principle; 2. develop systematic support for the inclusion of immigrant children; 3. hire teachers with developed intercultural competence; 4. be aware of multicultural society and develop this awareness in all school subjects; 5. develop intercultural dialogue in school; 6. cooperate with (immigrant) parents, and; 7. cooperate with the local community. This model of intercultural education provides a holistic view of the process of inclusion of immigrant children. Its aims are more successful inclusion of immigrant children and the development of intercultural dialogue in schools.
KEY WORDS: immigrant children, integration, inclusion, intercultural competence, intercultural education